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K3 is home to Koverall Bay, your one stop safety and workwear supplier!


Koverall Bay is Cold Lake's one - stop shop for workwear and safety gear.  We have in stock a selection of FR Coveralls, bibs, jeans, sweaters, vests, hard hats, harnesses, gloves, toques and more! Many more items are available to order. Come see us in store, or check out some of our suppliers here:


Grand Textiles

Coveralls | Workwear | Uniforms | Headwear | Aprons | Pants | Shirts | Outerwear

Helly Hansen

Outerwear | Layering | Shirts | Sweaters | Fleece | Hoodies | Pants

IFR Workwear
FR Coveralls | FR Bibs | FR Parkas | FR Bombers | FR Safety Vests | FR Pants | FR Shirts | FR Headwear | FR Hoodies | Hi Vis


SCN Inustrial

FR Rainwear | FR Jackets | FR Pants | FR Shirts | FR Hoodies | FR Safety Vests | FR Headwear | FR Bibs | Hi Vis


WorkWear Outfitters

Safety West

Gloves | Safety Gear | Hi Vis Vests


Watson Gloves


Koverall Bay

Although it is shown on serveral supplier's websites, footwear is not available through Koverall Bay or K3 Promotions. 

Trouble finding what you need?

Tell us about the items you're looking for. Our staff will be happy to assist you. Be sure to include sizes, quantities, type of decorating if known, and your budget. This will help us narrow the search and come up with the best options for your needs.

Shoot us an email to →

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