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Frequently asked questions

Where are you located?

We are located at 5112 55 Street in Cold Lake South. Situated between the 7-11 and the A&W on the service road. See our contact page for a map to our location.

What are your hours?

We are open from 8:30am to 5:00pm Monday through Thursday. We close early on Fridays at 4:30pm.

Is my order ready yet?

Clients are contacted upon the completion of their orders (with exception of Krazee Klean clients). Please be sure to submit your contact information at the begining of your order, let us know the best way to reach you!

Krazee Klean clients can check in via phone or in person to see if their orders have been returned from Krazee Klean. Krazee Klean picks up and drops off drycleaning/laundering/repair orders every Tuesday and Thursday morning.

What is the turnaround time on orders?

Turn around times vary for different product an order times. Time lines can vary depending on the season.
Average timings:

Apparel with silk screening, embroidery, or heat transfer decoration: 2 weeks

Apparel with digital print decoration: 2-3 weeks

Apparel with sublimation decoration (ie custom sublimated jerseys): 4 weeks +
Promotional Products: 3-4 weeks after art approval
Custom Patches (large orders): 3-4 weeks after art approval
Embroidery of in stock name badges: 1 week

Signage/Banner: 1-2 weeks

Stickers/Decals: 1-2 weeks

Engraving: 1-2 weeks


Please note that this is a rough timeline only. 
Deadlines for submission of orders needing a guarantee to be completed before Christmas falls in the first week of November.

Rush orders?

Rush orders are accepted on a case by case basis. Fees apply. 

Do you have my item in stock?

Due to the small size of our showroom and the vast amounts of different products we offer, we are unable to keep most items in stock.
Here are some of the items we do carry:
Apparel: Adult/Unisex Gildan brand T-Shirts in White, Black, and Navy (Adult size S-3XL)

Headwear: Flexfit Hats in Black and White (Sizes S/M and L/XL)
Engraving: Sheet metal, used for engraved plates (up to 24"x12") numerous colours available.

Signs: Corrugated plastic, Dibond, and Sintra (limited quantities, up to size 4'x8')

Banners: Interior, exterior, and exterior mesh (up to 4' wide x 20' long)

Stickers and Decals: Digital print vinyl (for full colour images) and an assortment of precoloured vinyls (for simple lettering and shapes) in stock.

Printed Canvas: Frame sizes 11", 16", 18", 24" and 30".

Do you decorate customer supplied items?

Yes! We can decorate most customer supplied items. As long as they can be setup with our equipment.


There are some limitations on items such as fabric types (nylon, for example, burns under heat and we would be unable to do a heat transfer to such a garment) and sizing limitations (does it fit in our machine?) Bring your items in for us to take a look at, we'll see what's possible!


Decorating on customer supplied items incur slightly higher fees, and in certain cases a setup fee is required. Ask us for

a quote.

Is my item engraveable?

Our diamond etcher can etch most flat or thin objects made of metal. Max size 12"x8", under approx 1.5"tall in size.


Our laser engraving machine can fit items up to 24"x18" and up to about 8" tall. Our laser works well on wood, glass, acrylic, and painted metals. We can also apply laserable paint to stainless steel, resulting in a blackened decoration.


Bring your item in and we'll see what's possible!

Can I get a small order of custom patches?

Small orders can be accomodated. Less than minimums incure additional fees/higher charges. Please ask us for a quote about the type and quantity of patches you wish to order.

My order looks different than I expected?

A few reasons why your order may appear different than expected, based on your art proof:



Size of decoration in art proofs/previews is approximate and is used to demonstrate placement only. Actual decoration size will be displayed in text at the bottom of the picture.



Colour calibration varies between screens/monitors/devices. The red text in your design may appear more orange on your cell phone, or more pink on your PC monitor, than it does on someone else's device.


The colours that a digital display can produce are much more vibrant, vivid, and varied than what a printer is capable of producing. They use two different methods of colour creation. Here is an example of what is happening:

Monitors and screens use "RGB" or Red, Green, Blue combinations of light to display a near infinite number of colours. Saturated and vibrant colours are available using this colour display method.

The majority of printers, from your small home office printer, to large commerical printers, use the "CMYK" or Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and BlacK ink cartridges. The printer outputs colour as close to the RGB model as it can using its limited ink colour combinations. The results are often less vibrant and varied as appears on your screen.

Can K3 order in sizers?

We can order in garments in various sizes for your team/group to try on before placing the rest of your order. These sizers will be added to your main order. If you chose to return the sizers you will be charged for the return shipping cost as well as our supplier's 20% restocking fee.


For example, you want to order 2 sizers, a small and a large for your team to try on. Your team chooses to purchase 3 larges and 3 mediums. Well perfect, we already have 1 of the larges here, the sizer! This gets put directly into your order, and production of decoration begins as soon as the remaining 2 larges and 3 mediums arrive from the supplier. The size small sizer did not get chosen, so you would have the option of purchasing the small for later use, or return it and pay the return shipping and restocking fees.

How much will this item/order be?

K3 makes custom decorated made to order items. Everyone's order will be different. In order for us to give you accurate pricing on your custom order, we will need some information from you:

Item Type
Item Colour
Item Size(s)
Item Quantities
Decoration Type
Decoration Colour
A photo or detailed description of your chosen decoration
Do you require shipping? Or will you pick up your completed items in store?

If you have a budget, let us know, we will try to find suppliers with items in your price range.

With this information we will be able to send you a quote for your order!

What type of file do I need to submit for my order?

Embroidery: .DST and .FES are files that our embroidery machines use to stitch your logo. If you do not have your logo in this file type, you can submit a .JPEG of your logo and we can have it converted to an embroidery ready file. Digitizing fees for this conversion start at $25.


Silk Screening: Vectored file types are preferred. .EPS, .PDF, .SVG, .AI, .CDR are all examples of vectored formats. Please note that these file types sometimes act as containers that hold non-vectored information. If you are submitting a vectored art file please be sure it actually contains vectored information! 
High quality/high resolution black and white line art in .JPEG, .BITMAP, or .TIFF may also be used in some cases. 
If either of these are unavailable, we have vectoring services that can trace a crisp rendition of your file that we can use for silk screening. Vectoring fees start from $25.


Heat Transfer: Easyweed heat transfers require vector art/cutlines. .EPS, .PDF, .SVG, .AI, .CDR file types are examples of vectored formats. We can convert non-vectored rastered art into a vectored format, fees starting at $25.
VersaCamm full colour printed heat transfers require either vector or high resolution/high quality rastered images.

Digital Print: High resolution rastered images (.JPEG, .BMP, .TIFF), or vectored art (.PDF, .EPS, .AI, .CDR, .SVG) required. 


Engraving: Vectored art is recommended for laser engraving. (EPS, .PDF, .SVG, .AI, .CDR) Some sucess can be had with a good quality black and white raster file (.JPEG, .BITMAP, or .TIFF), but is not recommended.
Diamond etching can only be done using vectored art files (EPS, .PDF, .SVG, .AI, .CDR)


Printed Orders: Signs, Banners, Business Cards, Promotional Items etc, all other orders generally require vectored artwork (EPS, .PDF, .SVG, .AI, .CDR).  High quality rastered images may be used on certain items such as signs, banners, and printed paper products. 


Please click here to read about the differences between different types of files.

What type of file do I need to submit for my order?

For information about file size, image quality and resolution, please check out this informative article by

AskLeo: Pixels, DPI and Image Size

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